By Nan Johnston, Southern Staging & Redesign

It’s time to get those yards in shape for summer selling season!  Do you have a nicely landscaped and well maintained yard or are you guilty of looking more like the Adams Family House from the old black and white television show?


Let’s get a check list going of the most important task to creating great curb appeal:

Shape or trim back unsightly trees and bushes.  You don’t want limbs to reach out and grab your buyer as they walk on your walkway to the front door.  It may be that some overgrown plants and bushes need to be removed and replaced with smaller fresher plants.

Weed flower and plant beds. Do you have a Garden of “Weeden” on your hands? This will require actually getting in there and pulling them out or spraying them with weed killer and then whacking them down with a weed eater.  


Mulch the beds with fresh wood chips or pine straw, which ever fits your budget and price range best.  Be sure to edge your grass beside the walkways and plant beds to create a crisp look.

Add some color to the flower beds with new perennials or annuals. One can never go wrong planting all the same plant or color in the flower bed giving a monochromatic appearance.

Clean up outdoor containers and add new plants to them.  Or if you don’t have time to manage them while house is on market, sometimes it’s best to remove them all together.  Any pots or containers with dead plants need to be tossed.

Clean any outdoor furniture and cushions.  Although the outdoor cushions are supposed to be fade resistant, they do tend to fade over time and may need replacing. That’s another great way to add color to the front entrance.

Pressure wash outdoor surfaces such as driveways and walkways as well as removing any dirt and grim from exterior siding, gutters, soffits and front door. Make these areas look brand new and don’t forget about the fences and patio areas as well.

And I can’t believe that I even have to mention this, but I see it more than I care too…clean out your gutters!  Even if they have guards on them to keep them from clogging the downspouts, you still have to clean them off.  Having a small sapling taking root and growing out of the gutter, plants a bad seed in the buyers mind about the condition of the house. No pun intended!

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