Abby loved shopping for school supplies and had compassion for other children who may struggle in any way. Abby’s Closets were created to be a source of assistance to these students and possibly even encourage their desire to learn and further their education. Abby’s Closets provide so much more than pencils and paper. Each space offers hope and acceptance while greeting students with Abby’s giving spirit.

A list of schools that have an Abby’s Closet …

Elementary: Atkinson, Elm, Ruth Hill, Northside, Brooks, Jefferson Parkway, Western, Arnco-Sargent, Willis Road, White Oak, Thomas Crossroads, Welch, Poplar Road, Moreland, Newnan Crossing, Eastside

Middle: Smokey Road, Evans, Arnall, Lee, East Coweta

High School: Newnan, East Coweta, Northgate and Odyssey Charter School

Other counties: Carroll … Central High School, Villa Rica High School

Heard … Heard Elementary, Heard Middle, Heard High

Fayette … Booth Middle School

If you need assistance with school supplies, contact your school’s counselor or email: To donate school supplies or learn more about helping Abby’s Closets, please email the above address or visit: