Arnall Grocery Company, a staple in Downtown Newnan, wants The Shopper readers to meet its staff, you know, those hard-working folks you see when you visit the store on East Washington Street.

Today, meet Henry Vaughn who has been an employee of Arnall Grocery for 39 years. Chances are, if you have purchased seed, potting soil, etc… at Arnall Grocery, Mr. Henry has likely personally delivered it to your vehicle.

Mr. Henry has two children and three grandchildren. He loves working at Arnall Grocery because of “the customers. That’s the No. 1 thing. I like to treat them nice and take care of them and they are very good to me.”

And when Mr. Henry is not working at Arnall, “I’m a gardener. I’m always working in my garden.”

Arnall Grocery Company is located at 32 East Washington Street in Newnan. Call them at 770-253-4556 or visit their website at