Special from the Newnan-Coweta Historical Society:

In January 2013, after leaving a town “where there was nowhere to go and not much to do for a man on foot,” William Crenshaw – better known to Newnan residents as “Mr. Personality” – discovered the Newnan Courthouse Square.

“It seemed tailor-made for me, Mr. Personality,” he said.

Within his first several days he had his first job, entering the “sign business,” as he describes it. “I had a job waving a sign for a local business,” said Mr. Personality. “Divine Spirit and the friendly people of Newnan are still guiding me through an amazing adventure going into my fifth year. Every day in Newnan is a joy and a blessing!”

Known to many as the flashily-dressed, rose-chewing elder statesman of the Newnan sidewalks, to follow up on the wild success of his debut calendar, Mr. Personality now has his first book, called “Personality Matters.”

A collaboration with longtime educator and media specialist Larisa McMichael, the children’s book focuses on what’s important in life: friendship, perseverance, loving what you do, and “blowing bubbles on the Courthouse Square.” Proceeds from the book benefit NCHS and other local non-profit charities.

The book, featuring photos by local photographer Aaron Heidman, showcases local businesses such as Deals For Dollars, Broadway Fashion, Leaf n’ Bean coffee shop, and Christy’s Café.

“Every day he awakens with the purpose of making people laugh, smile, and marvel at this fashion sense,” said co-author Larisa McMichael, “helping businesses gain traction with customers, and perhaps most importantly promoting Newnan as an amazing place to live and work.”

Copies will be available beginning next week at local venues such as the McRitchie-Hollis Museum gift shop, 74 Jackson Street. A book signing will be held at the museum on Thursday, Dec. 14 at 5 p.m. as part of the NCHS open house.