From Special Reports

The board of directors of the Coweta Community Foundation has announced that it is now accepting applications for the position of interim executive director of the Foundation, with candidates welcome to express their interest if they wish to be considered for a permanent position as executive director as well.

The Foundation celebrated 20 years of service in 2017, and the board has decided to search for an executive director to help fulfill its mission of serving the community.

The executive director of the Coweta Community Foundation will have complete responsibility for the business, management, development, public relations and operations of the Foundation. The executive director will be reporting directly to the board chair and the executive committee.

“Our Community Foundation has grown tremendously in recent years, and we believe it’s time we hire an executive director to help us keep the momentum we’ve gained,” said board chair Will Conoly. “With so many programs and projects under way, along with the day-to-day management that’s required on our business and operations side, the Foundation now needs someone in this position, and we look forward to hiring this individual.”

A link to the executive director job description is available on the Foundation’s Facebook page, and interested individuals are encouraged to submit a cover letter and resume to