By Norma Haynes, Guest Columnist

I never cease to be amazed at the generosity of the wonderful people who make up this community we call “Coweta.”

Having lived here all my life (and the years are many), it is so gratifying to be a part of the loving spirit that surrounds all of the volunteers and the organizations that exist in our county.

On a recent Thursday, I had the honor and privilege of attending the Newnan Coweta Jaycees dinner where a large number of charitable organizations here in Coweta County were presented funds derived from the Jaycees’ part in the sale of Powers Crossroads property. I accepted a very generous check on behalf of the Newnan Coweta Public Safety Foundation. This money will be used to aid those in our public safety agencies who are struggling with financial and medical hardships and to the departments where they work for needed equipment that will aid them in their jobs in which they take care of us citizens.

The Newnan Coweta Jaycees have been a vital part of this community for many years, and I am so grateful to them for the way they have always helped their community. I can’t begin to name the ones who were recipients of those generous funds that night, but I can say that it was very moving for me to hear the representatives describe what each organization does and how many people are helped through their generosity and hard work. It was more proof that I live in a community so filled with love and caring citizens that I know I am blessed beyond all imagination.

No, we are not perfect by any means, and sometimes we get so distracted by the sad and bad news that is thrown at us constantly, but if we just look around, we will find that there are so many, many good folks here. May God continue to bless all the wonderful organizations who continue to provide services to so many, and may God bless America.