Home Helpers of GA & AL continues to recognize and celebrate the relationship between caregivers and the families they serve in 2018. As people age, there are times when a little help, a little companionship, a little reassurance helps.

This month, Home Helpers has announced its June Exceptional Caregiver – Brooke Carriger.

Brooke Carriger explains why she chooses to be a Caregiver:

“I enjoy being a caregiver because I have always known that I wanted to help people. It is a great reward to help people that are in need of it and to know that you can make a difference in their life. I treat my clients like family and how I would want to be treated. I believe that makes all the difference in the world.”

Her client – Edna Foster – says she trusts Brooke as her caregiver.

“Brooke is punctual and upbeat. She is always pleasant and yet efficient. She seems to have a great deal of medical knowledge. Brooke does a good job of keeping up with my appointments and gets me there in a timely manner. I trust her to deliver great care to me.”

Being independent does not mean doing everything by yourself. Being independent means being in control of your lifestyle, your schedule and the way in which your needs are met.

Home Helpers of GA & AL will pay tribute throughout 2018 to its Exceptional Caregivers – who bring life, enjoyment, and independence, to their clients daily.

For more information on Home Helpers of GA & AL, call 678-876-5118 or visit their website: local.homehelpershomecare.com/newnanga/home. Home Helpers of GA & AL is located at 125 Jefferson Street in Newnan.