With Back-to-School and moving into the dorm or new apartment on the horizon, Lee-King Pharmacy is offering a little Fun and Function with some unique storage solutions for your small spaces. Check out their Rump Roost for extra storage and seating and the Hang-10 Bin for storage and files, both pictured in the ad below.

And remember, you can shop any of the three locations – Lee-King Pharmacy, Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy and Lee-Goodrum Eastside. All three locations have unique decor and gift selections.

Serving Newnan since 1907, you’ll get the same personal service at all three locations plus Free City Delivery of your prescriptions.

Lee-King Pharmacy, 18 Cavender Street, 770-253-1622
Lee-Goodrum Pharmacy, 40 Hospital Road, 770-253-1121
Lee-Goodrum Eastside, 134 Millard Farmer Industrial Boulevard, 770-251-4808