Talk about “made from scratch.” That’s exactly what Newnan jewelry designer Meghan Proctor recently did.

Proctor created an amazing, original design with the centerpiece a 27-carat aquamarine. The pendant earned her first place in Category 3 as well as the Jeweler’s Choice Award in the Georgia Jeweler’s Association Design Contest. More than 30 jewelers entered the competition. She picked up the awards at the annual Alabama and Georgia Jewelers Convention on April 8 at Callaway Gardens.

Her inspiration for the design – the aquamarine center stone.

Pendant Wax Mold

“I just felt it had to be a pendant,” Proctor said. “I wanted to do more of an antique look for it, and started sketching out different things. After a while, it started coming together.”

Once it started coming together, Proctor cast the wax molds and then carefully set each stone in place. The entire procedure from start to finish took about a week.

The final product also had 14K white gold with diamonds to compliment the aquamarine.

“This is definitely one of my favorite pieces,” Proctor said, who started designing jewelry about 30 years ago when she was some 6 or 7 years old. “I put a lot of time and effort into it, and it came out the way I wanted it to.”

The criteria for judging in the contest was overall design, marketability, practicality and wearability, as well as craftsmanship. She also won first place in 2017 in the same Georgia Jewelers Design contest in Category 2.

Base 14K White Gold

Proctor and her dad, Rick Hubbell, own Hubbell Jewelry Design in Newnan. They make all types of custom jewelry to go along with repairs, diamond and stone replacement, engraving, re-designing, casting, wax work, pearl stringing, and more. And they do everything in house.

As far as selling the award-winning pendant, Proctor says maybe.

“As of right now, it’s just for display but will probably be for sale at some point.”

She’s also designed original jewelry for non-profits which were auctioned, and for some professional athletes and popular musicians.