From Special Reports

Creating habitat for pollinators – the insects and animals essential for fertilizing the plants in our gardens and farms – is becoming more critical as Coweta County becomes more urban.

The August gathering of the Coweta Master Gardener Extension Volunteers’ Backyard Association is all about pollinators – what they are and why plants need them.

In her talk, “Let’s Invite Some Friends Over for Lunch,” guest speaker Carol Hight, chairman of the Georgia Native Plant Society, will offer tips on attracting these vitally important pollinators to our yards and gardens at the August meeting of the Coweta County Master Gardeners Backyard Association. The free presentation begins at 7 p.m., Tuesday, Aug. 14, at the UGA Extension – Coweta County, 255 Pine Road, Newnan.

Hight of Carrollton, a former teacher, spends her time gardening and supervising work on the Buffalo Creek Nature Trail in Carrollton. For 11 years, Hight was an active member of the Carroll County Master Gardener Extension Volunteers, but now she focuses her energies on her work with the Georgia Native Plant Society.

Since joining the Georgia Native Plant Society and the West Georgia chapter of the Native Plant Society, Hight has led rescues of native plants on construction sites. She also undertook the role of chairman of the Buffalo Creek restoration committee, where she schedules workdays, plans projects, and works with volunteers working on the trail.

In her spare time, Hight maintains the West Georgia Chapter Facebook page and writes occasional articles for local papers, focusing on native plants and their value.

Admission to the Backyard Association meeting is free, and you need not register in advance to attend unless you want to be registered for the door prizes, usually plants and other gardening surprises.