It’s your life, decide to live it in health! Renew Fitness can certainly help you live your life in health with its low-impact, therapeutic toning tables and family-friendly atmosphere. Your program at Renew Fitness can help increase energy, circulation and helps stiff joints, arthritis and improves flexibility.

For a healthier mind and body, exercise really works. Plus the many health benefits as a direct result – helps with stiff joints and arthritis, improves balance and flexibility, helps with MS and Fibromyalgia, improves posture and bone density and helps improve circulation.

Owner Linda Lane has nine years of experience with Therapeutic Toning Tables & would like to help you with your wellness goals!

Renew Fitness is located at 2730 Highway 34 East, Suite C in the Thomas Crossroads area. Call today for two free toning sessions. The number is 770-683-6100 or visit their Facebook Page.