The ActorHood – Atlanta is the name sake to the original The ActorHood Theater Company in Los Angeles. The ActorHood in Los Angeles was created in 2006 by Sal Landi and Jaimyse Haft for actors to train in the Chekhov Technique as well as perform standard plays or original material with the actors who are a part of The ActorHood.

P. David Miller is one of the original members of this theater company.

Located near beautiful, Historic Downtown Newnan, The ActorHood – Atlanta was formed to meet the demands by local film productions, large and small, and from visiting motion picture and television productions to the state of Georgia and in particular, Atlanta and the surrounding areas.

Day by day, more and more actors are moving to Atlanta from all around the United States and abroad thanks to the state’s film incentive to take advantage of the opportunities for actors to work and potentially earn a living as an actor. This makes the competition fierce and a bit daunting for actors who are actually local to the Atlanta areas and beyond.

To meet the demands, actors must train. Consistently. Just as athletes, musicians, dancers, other artists train constantly, so too must the actor.

We are here for the actors. We are here to help actors be better prepared and guide them in their own careers. Not only as actors, but also as creative spirits.

We look forward to working with actors who wish to be a part of The ActorHood – Atlanta. We do have an open door policy. Actors and industry professionals are welcome to come in and see what we are about, check out the space or just hang out.

We do ask that people call/text or email ahead of time to make sure that we are at the space. Auditing of our classes are highly encouraged and are FREE to sit in.

The Actor Hood is located at 48B East Washington Street in Newnan. Call them at 678-531-7305 or visit:

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