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Atlanta Magazine recently named 140 physicians who practice at Piedmont Healthcare to its annual list of Top Doctors. Dr. Vasileios J. Assikis, Dr. Phillip H. Beegle, Jr. and Dr. Richard H. Jadick are among those named who practice locally.

“At Piedmont Healthcare, it is our vision to transform healthcare and to create a destination known for being home to the best clinicians who always puts patients first,” said Leigh Hamby, M.D., chief medical officer of Piedmont Healthcare. “These doctors are fulfilling that vision and we’re proud to call them members of the Piedmont family.”

All three see patients in their offices in the Medical Plaza next to Piedmont Newnan Hospital, where they also do surgeries. Dr. Jadick is with Piedmont Physicians Urology. Dr. Assikis is with the Piedmont Cancer Institute and Dr. Beegle is with Atlanta Plastic Surgery.

The Piedmont physicians who earned the ‘Top Doctors’ distinction are:

·        Dr. Mark Albritton
·        Dr. Randall D. Alexander
·        Dr. Aravind Arepally
·        Dr. Farooq Ashraf
·        Dr. Vasileios J. Assikis
·        Dr. William L. Ballard
·        Dr. William A. Barber
·        Dr. Patrick M. Battey
·        Dr. Philip H. Beegle, Jr.
·        Dr. Eyal Ben-Arie
·        Dr. Michael P. Bernot
·        Dr. James L. Beskin
·        Dr. Vanessa Biggs
·        Dr. Kristin A. Boehm
·        Dr. Charles L. Brown, III
·        Dr. Christopher A. Brown
·        Dr. W. Morris Brown, III
·        Dr. Dominic S. Carreira
·        Dr. Marlo Lee Carter
·        Dr. Ezequiel H. Cassinelli
·        Dr. Howard C. Chandler, Jr.
·        Dr. Bert T. Chen
·        Dr. Hitesh R. Chokshi
·        Dr. Steven J. Citron
·        Dr. Mark A. Codner
·        Dr. Patrick S. Coleman
·        Dr. Victor E. Corrigan
·        Dr. Dave M. Davis
·        Dr. David A. Dean
·        Dr. Thomas F. Deering
·        Dr. Louis M. DeJoseph
·        Dr. Mark F. Deutsch
·        Dr. Lisa M. DiFrancesco
·        Dr. Rodrigo A. Duralde
·        Dr. Xavier A. Duralde
·        Dr. Lynley S. Durrett
·        Dr. Lester Franklyn Elliott II
·        Dr. Phillip B. Flexon
·        Dr. V. Rutledge Forney
·        Dr. James H. Frank
·        Dr. Roger H. Frankel
·        Dr. Jodi E. Ganz
·        Dr. Erinn T. Gardner
·        Dr. Rajat Ghaiy
·        Dr. Eric M. Gibney
·        Dr. John H. Giesler
·        Dr. Alienor S. Gilchrist
·        Dr. Anuj Gupta
·        Dr. Regis W. Haid, Jr.
·        Dr. Stephen M. Hamilton
·        Dr. James Hamrick, Jr.
·        Dr. Lisa A. Hasty
·        Dr. John D. Henry
·        Dr. John William Henson, IV
·        Dr. Allen H. Hord
·        Dr. Monica Hum
·        Dr. Aris Iatridis
·        Dr. Jermaine M. Jackson
·        Dr. Louis H. Jacobs
·        Dr. Richard H. Jadick
·        Dr. Richard B. Johnston, III
·        Dr. David E. Kandzari
·        Dr. Robert S. Kaufmann
·        Dr. Marwan M. Kazimi
·        Dr. Scott A. Kelly
·        Dr. Saeid Khansarinia
·        Dr. Candance K. Kimbrough-Green
·        Dr. Alan M. Kozarsky
·        Dr. Benjamin C. Lee
·        Dr. Theodore M. Lee
·        Dr. W. Barry Lee
·        Dr. Elliott L. Levine
·        Dr. Chad A. Levitt
·        Dr. Alan M. Levy
·        Dr. Drew M. Locandro
·        Dr. Brian D. Long
·        Dr. Sophie A. Lukashok
·        Dr. Ralph C. Lyons
·        Dr. Joseph A. Mareno, Jr.
·        Dr. Reginald D. Mason
·        Dr. Catherine T. Mauer
·        Dr. John W. McBroom
·        Dr. Stephen M. McCollam
·        Dr. Daniel T. McDevitt
·        Dr. Thomas J. McElligott
·        Dr. Kevin M. McGill
·        Dr. Melinda Miller-Thrasher
·        Dr. Mark W. Mohney
·        Dr. Philip E. Newman
·        Dr. Adam W. Nowlan
·        Dr. William R. Osborne, Jr.
·        Dr. Anna K. Pare
·        Dr. Shatul L. Parikh
·        Dr. Henry M. Patton
·        Dr. Craig G. Peters
·        Dr. Philip G. Ploska
·        Dr. Zane F. Pollard
·        Dr. Stephen P. Prater
·        Dr. Richard C. Prokesch
·        Dr. David N. Quinn
·        Dr. Geetha S. Rao
·        Dr. Vivek Rajagopal
·        Dr. Ira C. Robinson, II
·        Dr. Richard M. Robinson
·        Dr. Chester P. Rollins
·        Dr. Barry J. Roseman
·        Dr. David J. Rosenfeld
·        Dr. Charles B. Ross
·        Dr. Raymond A. Rubin
·        Dr. Michael K. Schaufele
·        Dr. Todd A. Schmidt
·        Dr. Frederick P. Schwaibold
·        Dr. John G. Seiler, III
·        Dr. Daniel B. Shapiro
·        Dr. Sanjay Sharma
·        Dr. D. Hal Silcox
·        Dr. Bruce S. Stambler
·        Dr. Gary W. Stewart
·        Dr. Lawrence B. Stone
·        Dr. Ramon A. Suarez
·        Dr. D. Scott Timbert
·        Dr. Andrew A. Toledo
·        Dr. Thomas N. Trevett
·        Dr. C. Howell Tucker
·        Dr. Armene (Mimi) Vanoyan
·        Dr. John Patrick Waring
·        Dr. Syed O. Wasim
·        Dr. Richard L. Weil
·        Dr. Nancy C. Weiner
·        Dr. Jamie D. Weisman
·        Dr. N. Spencer Welch, Jr.
·        Dr. Joseph K. Williams
·        Dr. Russell A. Wilson
·        Dr. Robert H. Wiskind
·        Dr. Michael A. Witt
·        Dr. Joshua H. Wolf
·        Dr. Margaret Wong
·        Dr. Joseph M. Woods, IV
·        Dr. Sylvia W. Wright
·        Dr. Randy J. Yanda

According to Atlanta Magazine, careful screening of doctors’ educational and professional experience occurs before final selection of this list. Castle Connolly Medical Ltd, a company specializing in healthcare research, information and publishing, reviews medical education, training, board certifications, hospital appointments and more.

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From left: Dr. Vasileios J. Assikis, Dr. Phillip H. Beegle, Jr. and Dr. Richard H. Jadick.